The Dew seed was first planted when a group of freelancers came together as volunteers to run The Mindful Word, a non-profit collective that publishes material and produces events devoted to engaged living. Sharing a commitment to create a culture of engaged living, the collective’s next step was to form Dew Media as an outlet to apply their collective creativity to causes beyond The Mindful Word (and use the profits to support The Mindful Word).


Dew’s vision spawns from its collective will as agents of cultural change. As creative choreographers, we aim to assist in the manifestation of your organization’s vision. We specialize in solutions for non-profits, businesses and individuals that positively contribute to the world through their community development work, socially responsible business practices and commitment to preserving the environment.


We’re bonded by our dedication to mindfulness. What this means to you is a commitment to customer service beyond traditional borders. We solve our organizational challenges through deliberative decision making. Patience, deep listening and compassion are the cornerstones of this communication methodology. As much as we possibly can, we aim to stay present and fully connected to your needs.


It’s no coincidence that our name is a homonym of “do.” As independent creator beings, we choose to actively engage life rather than stand by as passive observers. We believe in your limitless capacity to create your world. If your organization takes positive action in the world, we want to support you. Everything is possible—we believe in your vision as much as you do. Believe in us and we’ll extend that same philosophy of possibility to your needs. Contact us to discuss your project.